About us

We are really proud of our products and our services. We believe in us, and obviously do the many clients who trust us. And not just today, but from the beginning, exactly since January 1st, 1971.

It all started with industrial gases. Industrial Gases: a simple name for a complex technology that has been found in virtually all industries sectors, in research as in production. But then as now the use of this medium requires a lot of experience and circumspection, and a maximum sense of responsibility.

L + T was established by engineers Friedhelm Ludewig and Heinrich Tillmann as „Ludewig & Tillmann Regel- und Sicherheitstechnik Gas” (that stands for “control and safety equipment gas“ with its headquarters in Dortmund-Barop. First there were designed and manufactured fittings and devices for the gas technology.

Shortly after the foundation in 1971 a production hall with 1,300 square meters and an office building with 600 square meters was bulilt on a 5,000 square meters property in Dortmund-Kley. Today, around 20 highly qualified employees are working there. L + T GASETECHNIK is now LT GASETECHNIK.

Efficiency, the absolute, even unconditional compliance with all safety regulations, and focusing on technologically pioneering fields of application, are the basis of today’s corporate philosophy of LT GASETECHNIK. Facts reflecting the will to meet all market demands, today and in the future.

LT GASETECHNIK today operates in two business segments:

  1. Development and production gas related equipment and gas process plants, such as
    1. Standard gas mixers
    2. Gas mixing plants
    3. Gas dosing plants
    4. Control and measuring systems
  2. Development and production of fittings, with a focus on
    1. Safety Devices
    2. Central Gas Supply

for nearly all gas types and for use a wide range of technologically advanced, consistently demanding applications.


We can for example

  • tap gases under control (cylinder manifolds and bundle systems, main pressure regulators for automatic or manual operation);
  • purify gases (filters);
  • regulate gas pressure (HP pressure regulators, dome-loaded pressure regulators,
    control loops);
  • safeguard gases against flashback and gas return (flashback arresters, decomposition arresters, quick-action shut-off valves);
  • analyse gases (sampled gas processing systems, analysers);
  • mix gases (gas mixers, mixing systems);
  • meter and feed gases (flow meters, ball valves, pneumatic valves, pipe flow
  • and finally, feed them to the point of use under control (tapping points pressure
    regulators and brackets, quick-action valves).

LT gas mixers are used to implement and optimise processes, particularly applications which demand the highest levels of quality and safety.

Hundreds – no, thousands – of LT gas mixers are have been delivered to the world for years, to some twenty countries in almost every corner of the globe.

Our company history

2017 A project which was funded by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment was completed successfully.
Very successful acceptance and commissioning of another high-performance system for a float glass plant in Thailand
National and international partnerships extended

Several gas companies add the extended LT product program to their standard supply catalog
Successful development and standardization of the gas mixer advanced


Delivery of five very different natural gas conditioners

LT broadens the scope of production to compact dome loaded pressure control units as well as other innovative solutions in the field of C&I and analysis technology

2014 Mr. Alfonso Castell is retiring and
Mr. Alexander Carl Hanf successes him
2010 The 30th LT high duty station for generating a gas mixture from N2 and H2 goes into operation at Saint-Gobain’s float glass plant in Egypt
2008 Jochen Weyer and Klaus Weyer take over 25% each of the KG. Klaus Weyer becomes the sole share holder of the holder company.
2005 Alfonso Castell is appointed as joint managing director
2004 Horst Weyer takes over the shares from Renate Sandhof and becomes the sole proprietor
2003 The management passes to the next generation: Klaus Weyer takes over. From then on the company orients itself towards international markets and focuses increasingly on large-scale gas related systems, a cornerstone of the company’s success
1999 The shares of Friedhelm Ludewig are purchased by Horst Weyer
1995 The company’s name is changed to L+T GASETECHNIK Klöpper-Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG. It continues to focus on gas technique systems
1991 Lotte Lore Klöpper-Waldmann, her company shares are transferred to her heirs, Horst Weyer and Renate Sandhof. Both of them become managing directors and replace Friedhelm Ludewig in this role
1984 One of the company’s founders, Heinrich Tillmann, leaves the company. Lotte Lore Klöpper Waldmann becomes major shareholder of the company. Friedhelm Ludewig remains managing director
1983 The “LTD 1”, a dome-loaded pressure regulator, is launched
1980 The company expands: new premises with a 1,250 m² production facility and 600 m² office space are built in Dortmund-Marten. The company moves into its own production site.
1974 The product range is broadened with centralised gas installations and systems for regulating, dosing, measuring and controlling gas pressures and gas flows
The “THERMOMAT” flashback arrestor is launched. The first LT gas mixer goes into operation
Friedhelm Ludewig and Heinrich Tillmann found LUDEWIG + TILLMANN oHG in Dortmund-Barop. The company focusses on design and manufacturing of fittings and machines for the gas technology. One year later the company is renamed to LUDEWIG + TILLMANN Regel- und Sicherheitstechnik GAS – Schweißtechnik KG