Dome-loaded pressure regulator LTD 1

The dome loaded pressure regulator LTD 1 has proven itself over many years and is constantly being developed by us. Special features are:

  • For almost all technical gases, air and liquids
  • Wide performance range: 10 … 2,500 Nm³/h
  • Broad working pressure range:
    • Inlet pressure 0.5 … 100 bar
    • Back pressure 0,1 … 70 bar
  • No „fluttering“, even at large pressure variations
  • Independent rear pressure control
  • Flexible operation:
    • locally (self-medium-controlled or with different medium)
    • remotely via pilot pressure regulator
  • Safety function: Spring forced closing= „Positive sealing“



Materials (as pressed part or turned part)

Temperature ranges and gases:

  • Viton: -20°C – 100°C for O2, and all gases except Acetylene and CO2
  • EPDM: -40°C – 130°C for CO2 and all neutral gases (not for O2)







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