Serial Gas Mixers – beyond standards

LT GASETECHNIK manufactures and supplies standardized serial gas mixers for flammable or non-flammable, corrosive or toxic gases, including associated technical control and analysis technology.

Serial Gas Mixer Serial Gas Mixers









LT Serial Gas Mixer are available for

  • 2 or 3 gases
  • Performance range 15-1000 Nm³/h
  • Inlet pressure 12-25 barg
  • Output pressure 2-9 barg
  • Gas mixture repeatability ± 0.5 Vol%
  • With or without buffer vessel

LT GASETECHNIK provides individually planned Serial Gas Mixers and gas process plants for control system of pressure and/or flow or as gas mixing system. We design and manufacture Serial Gas Mixers for industrial gases applications with flammable or non-flammable, corrosive or toxic industrial gases, including associated control and analysis technology.

5 different Serial Gas Mixers

Other inlet or outlet pressures, performances, versions available upon request

Standard gas mixer for 500 scm/hr

Serial Gas Mixers are available in three different versions:


 1.Characteristics of LT Serial Gas Mixers type „comfort“

Operating temperature from -40 to +60°C
Operating pressure max. 25 barg
Inlet pressure from 11 to 25 barg
Outlet pressure adjustable from 2 to 9 barg
Volume flow adjustable at will, up to maximum performance
Dependency of mixture quality from outlet pressure no dependency
Optical display of operating parameters integrated, for pressure and for volume flow
Indoor and outdoor installation suitable
Compensation for variations in inlet pressures automatically by integrated pressure regulators
Suitability of pressurized metallic components
for low temperatures
suitable up to -196°C
Reliability automatic shut-off the admixing gas on carrier gas failure
Gas-carrying pipes all piping in copper
Mixing ratio adjustable
Ex protection suitable for ex zone 1
Gas mixture reproducibility ± 0,5 Vol%
Filling of buffer vessel electro-pneumatically controlled

2. Typical fields of application for Serial Gas Mixers:

  • Shield gas for the welding technology (e.g. Ar/CO2)
  • Protective gas for the food industry (e.g. N2/CO2)
  • Reaction gas for forging technology (e.g. Ar/O2/H2)
  • Forming gas for steel- and rolling mills (e.g. N2/H2 and N2/H2/H2O)
  • Forming gas (HNx) for the glass production (e.g. N2/H2)

3. Product Range

Your demands are for us incentive and encouragement at the same time – we supply Serial Gas Mixers to your individual requirements – just beyond standards.

  • Gas mixers for flammable gases
  • Gas mixers for non-flammable gases
  • Buffer vessel
  • Gas Analysis System
  • Accessories for standardized gas mixer:
    • Filter
    • Pressure switch
    • Flowmeter
    • Bypass of the buffer vessel, blow off pipe buffer vessel
    • Automatic calibration of the gas analyzer
    • Digital recorders, data loggers
    • USB interface
    • Evaluation of flow Measurement
    • Notification via email / SMS
    • Telemetry connection via Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, 4-20 mA
    • Ex solenoid valve for fuel gas analysis system
    • Heating of the mixer housing
    • Emergency stop switch for safety shutdown in a separate control cabinet
    • Optical and / or acoustic fault signal for input and / or output pressure monitoring
    • Customized safety interlocks
    • Fully redundant systems with automatic changeover
    • …Please challenge us with your individual wishes!

4. Features

Our Serial Gas Mixers convince through:


  • High accuracy and repeatability of the gas mixture quality ± 0.5%
  • Reliability
  • Integrated compensation of significant inlet pressure differences (≥ 3 bar), because in every gas inlet line one LTD 1 dome loaded pressure regulator homogenizes the gas pressures.
  • Design according to customer requirements


  • Quality fittings and gas pipes
  • Cryogenic metallic materials (fault protection)
  • Proven interlocking and security concept

Technical features

  • Customized metering (accuracy)
  • High-quality, customized and easy-to-read flow meter
  • Bypass: Precise analysis independent from the buffered gas mixture
  • Blow-off pipe: Set up even without a connected consumer
  • Gas filters in the gas supply lines
  • Extremely low pressure loss
  • Robust, designed for continuous use – more than 20 years of operation are usual

… just beyond standards


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