weyer group

LT GASETECHNIK is a member of the weyer group

Klaus Weyer is as well Managing Director at horst weyer und partner gmbh and at LT GASETECHNIK.

With over 160 permanently employed personnel in five countries, over 20 of whom are officially recognized experts, the weyer group realizes more than 900 projects. The weyer group covers all aspects of engineering and consulting in the field of process and environmental engineering.

The team of experienced method engineers,  natural scientists and  business people  execute projects in the fields of process engineering and environmental protection in an interdisciplinary manner.

The extensive portfolio of the weyer group, thematic wells to individual departments, references and information about the members of the Weyer Group can be found here.

Germany: horst weyer und partner gmbhPROBIOTEC GmbHweyer IngenieurPartner GmbHBDO Technik- und Umweltconsulting GmbH | LT Gasetechnik | weyer akademie gmbh | CTE Chemietechnik-Engineering GmbH

Austria: As-U Gamerith-Weyer GmbH
Switzerland: Weyer und Partner (Schweiz) AG
Poland: Weyer Polska Sp. z o. o.


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