Free App to calculate gas mixer settings

We offer free of charge a new App to calculate the settings of an LT GASETECHNIK gas mixer. You can find it in the app stores of Google (for Android) and Apple.

The App is currently only available in German but since it is a calculation App, it is very easy to understand.

For LT Gas Mixers for two or three Technical Gases this app helps to calculate the corresponding flow rates and percentages. First specify if you want to calculate the settings for a mixture of two gases or for a mixture of three gases.

„V“ or „Volumenstrom“ stands for „volume flow“, „Trägergas“ stands for „carrier gas“ and „Zumischgas“ for „additive gas“. For gas mixers for two gases, only two values have to be specified (out of five possible values): total amount of mixed gas, amount of carrier gas, carrier gas percentage, amount of additive gas, additive gas percentage). At gas mixers for three gases, accordingly at least three values have to be specified.

After clicking on the button „Gemisch berechnen“, the results are displayed and below the user-entered values are displayed as well. Thus the gas volume can be read and be precisely adjusted with the metering valves. The desired gas mix is produced precisely and transparent.

Result screen
Result screen with the necessary settings for carrier gas („Trägergas“) and additive gas („Zumischgas“)
Input values for 2 gases
Input values for 2 gases „V“ or „Volumenstrom“ stands for „volume flow“, „Trägergas“ stands for „carrier gas“ and „Zumischgas“ for „additive gas“













LT gas mixers have flow meters with optical display in the carrier gas and in the additive gas line. So the actually flowing gas volume flows can be read directly.
Pressure gauge and flow meter provide constant and reliable performance data and thus allow for an easy and fast function control through the window in the front door of the gas mixer.

All metering valves used are tailored to each required flow capacity and are carefully selected. Only specific metering valves offer a sufficient degree of accuracy and comfort in the gas mixture setting.

This guarantees a reproducibility of ≤ ± 0.5 Vol% (at temperature uniformity of the individual gases).