Gas mixers as cyber physical production systems

Remote-controlled gas mixers with their own homepage, e-mail service and connection to a higher-level control system helps integrating LT gas mixers into a cyber physical production system (CPPS). LT GASETECHNIK has extensive knowledge with advanced solutions. Experiences from plant design have influenced the progress at serial gas mixers.

The following options are frequently chosen by our customers:

  1. Mail or SMS service, for early fault information
  2. Homepage of the gas mixer with display of the current mixing result
  3. Permanent recording of relevant data for evaluation
  4. Gas analyzers with fully automatic calibration for verification of constant gas mixture quality
  5. Temporary online customer support via remote support with ID and one-time password also behind firewalls
  6. Integrated PLC control eg. for the control of plants, switching of gas mixers or switching to backup systems
  7. Provision of status message via potential-free contacts for further processing
  8. Remote control via customer-specific integration into a higher-level control system via Modbus RTU TCP / IP, Profibus, CANopen, Ethernet or 4-20 mA


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