Low-temperature shut-off with gas preheater

If the safe shut-off of the gas supply is required to prevent brittle fracture of equipment and piping, many customers rely on a standard low-temperature shut-off from LT GASETECHNIK.

low-temperature shut-off with gas-preheater
Low-temperature shut-off with gas-preheater

In special applications a safe gas supply with a minimum temperature is required. For this purpose, the low-temperature shut-off is supplemented by a gas preheater. This controls the medium to an adjustable temperature and thus ensures a safe media supply with a minimum temperature.

If this additional safety stage is also exceeded, the shut-off takes place by a shaft-driven cryo-shut-off valve. A pre-alarm for early customer-side reaction possibility without full shut-off is possible.

The design is carried out according to customer specification, for example:

Electrical flow heater

  • capacity 1.6 KW
  • throughput N2 at rated output 125 kg/h
    Adjustment of the heater to desired flow rate and ΔT
  • inlet temperature -30 °C
  • outlet temperature 5 °


  • PLC control with individual programming
  • 4 „touch color display
  • Interfaces: CAN, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, REMOTE I / O

Thyristor controller for the heating cartridge of the flow heater


  • Shaft-driven cryo shut-off valve, designed for: -196 ° C / PN 40
  • Resistance thermometer incl. measuring transducer
  • Flash Light Horn
  • Frame with galvanized steel profile rails and roof
  • Traverse height adjustable for individual adaptation to on-site conditions
  • On the building side, only connection of voltage, control medium and pipelines
Low-temperature shut-off
Low-temperature shut-off


LT low temperature switch-offs are always designed according to customer specifications and equipped accordingly. The following equipment configurations are possible:

  • Version in SIL 1 or SIL 2
  • Delivery including cryo shut-off valve or customer-side supply and assembly
  • GSM modem for SMS or mail transmission
  • Network connection according to industry 4.0 requirements

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