Chemical industry

For the chemical industry we plan, manufacture and deliver particularly gas mixing plants, plants for lean air and for enriched air.

  • Enriched air: Increased efficiency or throughput of production plants by enriching air with oxygen
  • Lean air: Plants to produce lean air by mixing air with nitrogen
  • Production of reactive atmosphere
  • Nitrogen pressure control units
  • Natural gas conditioning units
  • Conditioning plants for very low temperatures

Project examples

Serial gas mixers for lean air production usually have a capacity of 250 or 400 m³/h and are delivered either with or without buffer tank in customized size e. g. with 1,000 or 3,000 liters. The gas mixer can either be set up in a cabinet, on a steel frame for indoor installation or in a container for indoor or outdoor installation. Also versions for installation in corrosive atmospheres and / or in Ex-zone 2 are familiar tasks.

Matching control system with analysis system for the gas mixture are mounted in a separate cabinet. Process data, alarms and error messages are usually displayed on the local control panel and are transferred to the operator’s process control system.


  • Particularly high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Static or dynamic, fully automated systems with cascade ratio control
  • Control, analysis and documentation of results with tailor-made solutions
  • Connection of the equipment to existing plant PLC and / or telemetry
  • High availability incl. remote maintenance
  • Redundant versions: Switching over without pressure peaks
  • Unmatched security: Redundant measurements

… just beyond standards!

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