Ferrous / non-ferrous metals

Serial gas mixers and gas process plants for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry

A wide variety of gas applications such as gas mixtures to be produced by gas mixers and gas process plants are used in metals and metal fabrication:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum degassing to removal of contaminants, such as dissolved compounds, gaseous hydrogen, and metal oxides from molten aluminum with
    • Argon, Nitrogen,
    • mixture of Argon and Nitrogen, or
    • Nitrogen mixed with Chlorine or Sulfur Hexafluoride
  • Heat Treating:  The internal structure of pure and alloy metals can be changed by adjusting the heat treatment atmosphere, time or temperature combination. Materials can be made harder, stronger, or softer. Suitable atmospheres are
    • Argon or Helium or Hydrogen or Nitrogen
    • Nitrogen/Hydrogen Mixture (forming gas)
    • Nitrogen/Hydrogen Mixture with water vapor (protective gas humidification)
    • Nitrogen/Methanol Mixture

LT GASETECHNIK supplies for processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in particular plants for the production of protective gas atmosphere (forming gas, H2 in N2) and gas conditioning plants (protective gas humidification) and ammoniac supply plants.

Project examples

  • Static protective gas atmosphere generation with N2 bypass
    N2: 1,000 m³/h
    H2 / N2 at 25/75%: 400 m³/h
    H2 / N2 at 5/95%: 700 m³/h

  • Gas control unit for O2, natural gas, nitrogen and compressed air for max. 1,400 m³/h
  • Shield gas supply for 0…10% H2 in N2 for a maximum of 6,500 m³/h

  • Shield gas supply for 5% H2 in N2 for max. 2 x 500 Nm³/h
  • Redundant shield gas supply with automatic switch over

  • N2 / H2 / H2O: Inert gas production including protective gas humidification for dew point stabilization (adjustable from + 40 ° C to + 70 ° C) in the annealing line and snout in galvanizing plants



  • Particularly high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Static or dynamic, fully automated systems with cascade ratio control
  • Control, analysis and documentation of results with tailor-made solutions
  • Connection of the equipment to existing plant PLC and / or telemetry
  • High availability incl. remote maintenance
  • Redundant versions: Switching over without pressure peaks
  • Unmatched security: Redundant measurements

…just beyond standards!


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