SO2 supply line for a float glass line

For the supply of the cooling lehr of a flat glass production line in Central Asia with diluted Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) LT GASETECHNIK supplies the system. This SO2 supply line receives at the input

Sulfur Dioxide

  • – 1.5 to 8.5 barg
  • – 125-1250 l / hr


  • – 2.0 to 5.0 barg
  • – 0.4 to 1000 l / hr

Compressed air (dry)


and produces the following gas mixtures:

  • Output pressure: min. 0.5 barg
  • Output Volume                          2x: 40.0 … 400.0 l/hr SO2/N2
  • Output Volume                          2x: 40.0 … 400.0 l/hr of SO2 with N2 or air
  • Output Volume                          Total: Max. 1,250.0 l/hr SO2


SO2 supply line - general view
SO2 supply line – general view


The SO2 supply line essentially consists of

  • pressure regulating panel
  • distribution panel to 4 trains
  • terminal box for automatic detection and transfer of alarms and operating data
  • 4 heated sample tubes
  • gas alarm system, siren and strobe light

Gas detection sensors can be mounted close to the application point at the lehr, which are also connected to the common gas warning center. An optical / acoustic signaling should be mounted in close vicinity to each application point.

SO2 Supply Line - pressure regulating panel
SO2 Supply Line – pressure regulating panel


The main system components are redundant; so the system ensures an all-time SO2 supply for the flat glass production line.


A pressure drop in the operating SO2 –vessel is indicated to the central control room. From there, the switching command is sent to the station. The command is processed in the control cabinet and converted in a correspondent switching action through a solenoid valve.

SO2 Supply Line - distribution panel
SO2 Supply Line – distribution panel

All alarms and operating data are provided in the cabinet to be transferred to the central control room: Pressures, flows, and temperatures.

Installation location is in a special built SO2 -room, some parts of the system are placed close to the production line.


With these measures, the employees are properly protected against high SO2 concentration in the breathing air.

Brochure to download: LTG – SO2-supply line-2016-09

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