Dome-loaded pressure regulator units

The dome loaded pressure regulators LTD-1 and LTD-2 are as well available in various configurations as dome-loaded pressure control unit. The following configurations are offered as standard:

  1. Pressure gauge to indicate the inlet pressure and/or the outlet pressure
  2. Built-in pilot pressure controller, with self-relieving design
  3. Recirculation of the pilot pressure controller additionally with the output pressure

The main advantages are:

  1. Very precise instantaneous pressure control without ‚wobbling‘ even with large variations in inlet pressure or the required gas quantity
  2. Compensation of e. g. temperature induced pressure changes in the dome chamber by the pilot controller
  3. High stability of the output pressure by the pilot pressure regulator charged with outlet pressure
  4. Easy adjustment by hand wheel, reversibility and direct readability at the gauge with marking pointer
  5. Large volume flows (LTD-1: N2 up to 2.000 Nm³/h, LTD-2: N2 up to 5,000 Nm³/h, depending on pressure conditions)
  6. Short overall length (LTD-1: 127 mm) – esp. compared to pressure control panels with the same function

The pressure control units can as well be delivered in nickel-plated brass or in stainless steel. Control units for higher inlet pressures up to max. 420 barg upon request.

The following types for the LTD-1 are offered as standard:

The following types for the LTD-2 are offered as standard:

Please contact us for your customized solution.