LT GasAnalyzer

Highly performant analyzer for measuring the concentration of technical gases based on a thermal conductivity sensor, an infrared sensor a para magnetic sensor or combinations of these sensors. Sensors are precise, robust and have a low cross-sensitivity.

Our Solution

Modular system including numerous built-in functions, and is upgradable with multiple options:
  • Extractive online measurement of the concentration of flammable or non-flammable gas components in gas mixtures
  • Response time (T90 time): < 20 seconds
  • Fully automatic operation, with integrated PCS, expandable to be used for a measurement-guided control of devices, such as gas mixers.
  • Low drift sensors w. low cross-sensitivity, for high long-term stability
  • Optionally with automatic calibration, to ensure a constant gas mix quality
  • Reliable, highly sensitive and precise
  • Suitable for installation outside ex-zones
  • At request, tailored configurations to suit individual specifications



  • Thermal conductivity detector, standard gas combinations and ranges:
    (with regard to the admixture gas):
smallest range
largest range
H₂ in N2 or Ar
0 – 1 Vol.%
0 – 100 Vol.%
He in N₂ or Ar
0 – 1 Vol.%
0 – 100 Vol.%
NH₃ in N₂ or Ar
0 – 20 Vol.%
0 – 100 Vol.%
CO₂ in N₂ or Ar
0 – 5 Vol.%
0 – 20 Vol.%
H₂ in CO₂
0 – 1 Vol.%
50 – 100 Vol.%


  • Infrared sensor, standard-gases and ranges
    (with regard to the admixture gas):

Kleinster Messbereich
Größter Messbereich
0 bis 1000 Vol.ppm
0 bis 100 Vol.%
0 bis 30 Vol.ppm
0 bis 100 Vol.%
0 bis 5 Vol.% 0 bis 100 Vol.%
0 bis 3000 Vol.ppm 0 bis 4 Vol.%
0 bis 1000 Vol.ppm 0 bis 1 Vol.%
0 bis 20 Vol.ppm
CF₄ 0 bis 2000 Vol.ppm


  • Paramagnetc sensor for O2,
    smallest range: 0 to10 Vol.%
    largest range: 0 to 100 Vol.%



Versatile analysis system comfortable furnished

Convenient Features

  • Sensor in 19″ 4 height units rack mount chassis
  • Integrated PLC
  • Admits sample gas with a pressure up to 20 bar(g)
  • Displays status messages (min, max, pre-alarm, main-alarm), which are as well provided as potential free contacts on clamps, e.g. to transfer to the control system or to control a lamp stack.
  • Logging of gas pressure and gas flow with 4 configurable analogue inputs
  • Processing of external signals such as acknowledgment or start of calibration over
    12 binary inputs.
  • 2 additional relay outputs, e.g. for gas mixer switchover or control of an solenoid valve for switching-off fuel gas
  • Data recording to SD card or USB memory, e.g. for evaluation with Excel

Operation and Communication

  • Easy and intuitive operation via 4“ touchscreen
  • Modern graphic color display
  • Multilanguage, currently DE, EN, FR, ES
  • Password protected program access
  • Exhaustive self-diagnostic functions with messaging
  • Private-label-version possible and configurable according to specifications (housing, program interface, logo, language, etc.)
  • At request customized programs and adjustments for individual applications
  • Open interface architecture

LT GasAnalyzer in separate 4HE housing incl. isolated barriers to the ex zone 1


Several standard options. Individual configurations available upon request.

Options only in combination with LT gas mixers:

  1. Integration into gas mixer (steel with lockable glassed door)
  2. Gas sampling: Gas pipes and gas connections, monitoring of gas pressure and flow, 5-2-way valve for switching for calibration purposes between measured gas, zero gas and calibration gas
  3. Automatic calibration with additional solenoid valves incl. control for automatic
    switching between measured gas, zero gas and calibration gas

Further options:

  1. One analogue output for each sample gas component
  2. Larger 7“ touch screen for graphic display of concentration trend with configurable time intervals
  3. USB interface on case front
  4. Evaluation of gas flow measurement (4-20 mA)
  5. Customized integration into plant remote monitoring systems (telemetry) via Modbus TCP / IP, Profibus, CANopen, Ethernet, 4-20 mA, Web Server, FTP Host
  6. Automatic switch-over between gas mixers , or to backup system
  7. Control of an solenoid valve for shutting-off fuel gas flow
  8. Upgrade for outdoor erection
  9. Installation in a wall mounted case (400 x 400 x 200 mm)
  10. Installation in a steel-framed field cabinet, IP65, with lockable glass door wall mounted
  11. LED lights with horn stack, for status indication
  12. Further languages
  13. Status messages in clear text via GSM modem by SMS or E-Mail
  14. Separate printer for documentation of measuring results

Please contact us for your customized solution.